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July 11th 2008 - Volume 9 Number 5
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Seven Key Considerations When Selecting A Labor Management System (LMS)

There a number of vendors offering LMS solutions, from WMS vendors to standalone LMS vendors that specialize only in engineered standards. Many key items are pointed out in a white paper by Kurt Salamon Associates ...

"LMS Solutions that offer a built-in interface mapping tool can significantly reduce the pain associated with developing custom interfaces. Ideally, the mapping tool should be able to connect to source databases from multiple systems, extract data, transform that data to meet the requirements of the LMS, and them import the data to the LMS. Additionally, the tool should support the extraction and transformation of data from the LMS into other systems, such as payroll."

The most important item to note with LMS is the Focus of Continuous Improvement. It is vital to have the LMS provider continue to coach the company's key people on how to continue to improve productivity. Keeping the LMS vendor involved = continuous improvement = better productivity gains.

Another factor in judging LMS vendors is the full LMS functionality versus simpler LMS functionality to save time. It is also interesting to note, that some WMS vendors are offering a simpler LMS module, that requires less configuration and therefore less time to set it up. One must decide intelligently, which is most important to your operations. Therefore, you must have both demonstrated and fully understand the complexities and computations of both roads in order for a proper evaluation to occur.

More LMS white papers are listed below. Download the white paper used in this article which is called Seven Key Considerations When Selecting A Labor Management System. IDII thanks Kurt Salamon Associates for permission to use their whtie paper in this article. See BOOKS on LMS

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Seven Key Considerations When Selecting A Labor Management System by Kurt Salamon Associates - Excellent - See BOOKS on LMS
Top 10 Reasons Why Labor Management Systems Fail by Kurt Salamon Associates - Excellent - See BOOKS on LMS
Meaningful Labor Management Metrics from WERC - Good - See BOOKS on LMS
Best practices: Load building How you build your pallet load from MMH - Good article!
Independent Consultant vs Material Handling Integrator - Excellent article from Envista
Why You Shouldn't Sue Software Vendors--Even If They Deserve It - Interesting!

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Technology & Software Product News

ALK Releases PC*MILER Web Services 22 that with New Functionality and Data Enhancements.
The hosted service delivers the latest PC*MILER data over the Internet to customers with virtually any kind of computer platform or operating system to multiple PC*MILER versions. PC*MILER Web Services users include carriers, third-party logistics providers and shippers. Web Services are particularly helpful to companies with multiple locations, multiple versions of PC*MILER or mixed computer systems. For example, Web Services shipment data can pass through an AS/400-platform corporate server to a Windows or even Linux-based work station via the world class Level 3 servers that host the service. Virtually any other platform or operating system can be involved, including UNIX, Java, Perl and others. PC*MILER Web Services are available on any Internet-connected computer or network.

Catalyst implemented its native SAP® cross-carrier packaging and shipping system, Catalyst XPS, at Powell Electronics. Catalyst XPS leverages standard SAP objects and architecture, using the latest toolsets, and provides an easy to manage, centralized view of the entire packing and shipping process, across multiple distribution centers and multiple carriers.

CDC Software, a subsidiary of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA) announced that Schneider Electric has gone live with its upgrade to cWMS Release 10, a warehouse management system, which is part of the CDC Supply Chain suite of supply chain solutions, that are expected to help the company further improve fulfillment rates and overall productivity, increase capacity, reduce costs and streamline efficiencies. Based in the UK, Schneider is a leading supplier of electrical distribution and automation control products and services,

CDC Software will acquire Dynamic Business Consultants (DBC), a systems integrator based in Melbourne, Australia. As part of the acquisition, DBC will market and sell CDC Software’s Process Manufacturing solutions that include CDC Factory and Ross Enterprise. The acquisition of DBC will not only expand CDC Software’s market presence in Australia, but will also expand the solutions and services footprint for CDC Software’s Australia-based Praxa services business in this rapidly growing region. CDC Software believes that DBC’s offerings complement its process manufacturing focus and also broaden the company’s solution and services offerings in vertical industries such as in the discrete manufacturing, construction, and services industries. DBC is one of the longest-standing Microsoft partners in Australia with offices in Melbourne and Adelaide. A 2007 Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner of The Year, DBC is a specialist in Enterprise Resource System and Manufacturing Resource Planning. The company provides IT solutions and services to more than 90 clients in financial services, distribution, manufacturing, non-profit organizations, professional services and construction.

Foxfire launches a new product, WMS Express. Foxfire's WMS Express is a preconfigured version, of it's enterprise warehouse management system combined with a rapid implementation service plan. WMS Express is ideal for warehouses and distribution centers that want to be up and running in as little as 90 days without custom modifications. Foxfire is targeting small and midsized warehouses as well as larger operations looking to implement a pilot program. These customers are typically looking for a basic but fully-functional warehouse management system (WMS) with key functionality. With WMS Express, users have the ability to go "paperless" including receiving, put away, inventory management, physical inventory, cycle counting, picking, packing, and shipping. WMS Express functionality-highlights include limiting visibility to data based on user roles, detailed productivity reporting by activity, inventory comparisons' snapshots, dynamic picklanes for temporary use, and rule based load- and auto-generation.

Foxfire's Software as a Service (SaaS) is an alternative commercial model that allows customers to pay monthly. Instead of absorbing all project costs at one time, the SaaS model allows users to normalize their investment with equal payments over a period of time without utilizing a third-party leasing provider.

IntelliTrack announced the release of version 7.0 for IntelliTrack’s suite of software products. Enhancements and improvements for all products include a new and improved user interface, concurrent user licensing, SQL Express & Access 2007 databases, Microsoft VISTA compatibility, and support for the latest label printing and scanning hardware from leading manufacturers. In addition, version 7.0 includes added features for each individual application.

Prophesy Adds Online LoadBuilder. Our online LoadBuilder gives users the ability to build the most efficient and intelligent load plans possible. This allows the consolidation of orders and optimization of loads in real time, maximizing the use of resources and freeing more vehicles for service. In fact, companies using Prophesy LoadBuilder routinely save 15-20% on operational costs! Major benefits of Prophesy LoadBuilder include:

* Increased Profitability – Leverage real time opportunities for shipment consolidation.
* Reduced Transportation Costs – Automated load planning saves 10-20% on transportation costs.
* Time Savings – Make last minute adjustments and changes late in the shipping cycle.
* Increased Operational Efficiency – Analyze and optimize distribution patterns.
* Exceed Customer Expectations – Meet dock schedules and deadlines every time.
* Minimized Miles and Maximized Utilization – Free your trucks sooner for additional trips.

RedPrairie Improves Inventory Management Flexibility for Third Party Logistics Providers. New release includes improved receiving, inventory ownership and billing capabilities 3PLs need to better manage public warehousing. Only a few note worthy new functions were mentioned... These are:

Inventory Receiving – As the agent for client receipt of product from suppliers, 3PLs must conform to client rules for over-receipt. The enhanced capabilities allow over-receipt tolerances to be set by supplier, part or client default. General default tolerances can also be set. This allows control to be as tight or loose as each client desires.

Inventory Ownership and Billing – There are several common scenarios where ownership of inventory within public warehouses can change hands between clients or between the 3PL and a client. The new release makes transfer of ownership simple. The system records and tracks ownership, displaying it on RF equipment, screens and reports. It also creates transfer logs and associated billing transactions to accurately reflect the transfer. Says Emerson Judkins, Director of Operations for Interstate Warehousing, “Transfer of inventory ownership is a common occurrence for us. RedPrairie’s enhanced capabilities make it a lot easier for us to manage this to meet client requirements.”

Sky-Trax announce its newest Premier Partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR), BaxTek Solutions Inc. Sky-Trax, a technology company specializing in optical technology for tracking vehicles and assets inside warehouses, and BaxTek Solutions, a complete Systems Integrator in the Atlanta, Georgia area, will be working together to bring state-of-the-art warehousing solutions to BaxTek customers. As a company dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction, BaxTek’s reputation for quality customer service and eagerness to adopt new technologies to their product offerings make them a great fit as a Sky-Trax VAR.

Scripture to Ponder - List of Scriptures to Ponder from prior issues.

"Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich" - Proverbs 28:6

Famous Quotes to Ponder - List of Quotes to Ponder from prior issues.

" People who ask confidently get more than those who are hesitant and uncertain. When you've figured out what you want to ask for, do it with certainty, boldness and confidence." - Jack Canfield

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