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February 18th 2008 - Volume 9 Number 2
For PROFESSIONALS in Software for Warehousing, Logistics, and Supply Chain.
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Visualize Your Warehouse Operations – NOW!

Real-time WMS and LMS feed 3-D graphical visualization of your facilities

For years, distribution managers have been dreaming of having a practical tool to be able to visualize their operations and facilities. Today that dream is a reality. Using state of the art technology, Next View Software provides a web-based, real-time visualization solution – Next View LiveTM. Now you can have facilities in Chicago, Los Angeles and Memphis and be able to see what is happening in real-time using Next View Live. After all, we live in a world where real-time news is available on the internet and where video games are nearly life-like. Why can’t we have supply chain solutions that offer the same capability? We’ll now you can. Going beyond traditional WMS, LMS and Yard Management applications you can now use real-time graphical systems to support process improvement programs, provide visibility into productivity and key performance indicators (KPI) unlike anything you have ever had in the past.

Imagine the power of visualization for your business

Next View Live allows you to position your ‘camera’ anywhere in the facility to observe operations in real-time. Imagine having a tool where you can view and analyze operations graphically in real-time. Next View Live allows you to monitor your facilities and productivity in real-time; you can filter and view selected areas and selected inventory. With Next View Live you can navigate through a facility with ease. Never before has this ‘fly in’ view of your facility been available. Travel down an aisle in front of a pallet position in real-time and see exactly what is in a particular location; track inventory in critical areas like HAZMAT, secured areas and more.

Next View Live - View facilities and productivity in real-time from WMS and LMS data.

Next View Live gives you insight into your operations in support of continuous improvement initiatives. Observe processes and collect data about those processes in real-time for training, process improvement, cost analysis and more. Next View Live is a tool that will truly help you empower your supply chain improvement initiatives. Not only does Next View Live allow you to perform a ‘deep dive’ into your operations, but it opens up a whole new world in terms of partner collaboration on both the supply and the customer side of your business. Through secured access, your trading partners can monitor their inventories in real-time further enabling your collaboration programs. 3PL operators can provide unparalleled visibility for their customers beyond the traditional inventory report or set of WMS screens with rows and rows of data to be deciphered. Visual collaboration and analysis can be done with trading partners at your offices or at your trading partner’s office via the web.

Better visibility for improved bottom line performance

Your supply chain is a critical component of your overall business and can have a tremendous impact on bottom line results. By improving visibility, planning and analysis capability with real-time visibility you now have the tools to uncover those areas of savings and improvement that have eluded you in the past. There is virtually no limit to the number of ways you can use Next View Live to improve your supply chain operations:
....• observe processes and inventory in real-time; eliminate waste
....• monitor productivity and KPIs in real-time
....• use visualization for training managers and associates
....• improve partner collaboration programs
....• drill down for process improvement and cost savings
....• visually see inventory to optimize putaway and slotting
....• analyze process workflow in detail to support Lean practices

Workflow and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) – at your service…

Next View’s solutions are based on SOA and are coupled with advanced workflow that allows you to configure, implement and modify the applications faster and at a lower cost than traditional supply chain solutions. No more ‘hard coding’. Next View workflow technology allows you to model processes and make process improvements in real-time. Next View workflows are highly visual in nature so you can actually see material flow right before your eyes. The workflow can be used to help plan, implement and train for improved processes over time. When the demands of your supply chain dictate changes to your operations, Next View workflows are a highly adaptable tool that allows for rapid prototyping and implementation of these changes resulting in a more responsive supply chain and lower costs.

Next View Software provides web-based Warehouse Management, Labor Management, Yard Management as well as support for complimentary technologies such as voice, RFID, and material handling integration. To learn more about Next View Software, visit

IDII thanks Next View for the educational article on this unique product. One may visualize a warehouse that is local or remote via this tool. It is an innovative and useful tool!


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Integral Warehouse Management covers WMS aka Warehouse Management Systems Fall 2007 - "Integral Warehousing Software" - Excellent warehousing book spans the tough spectrum of technology, inventory, and worker motivation. 252 pages. $44.95 USD. Thought provoking!

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enVista white paper on WMS Testing called "Building a Winning WMS Testing Strategy" - Informative!

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Technology & Software Product News

LUPUS-famila (department stores and wholesale customer service in Germany) is optimizing warehouse logistics and has commissioned KNAPP to introduce the KiSoft Warehouse Management System (WMS) for paperless control. The history of the LUPUS-famila goes all the way back to 1904. The company rose up from a colonial produce store in Pforzheim and in addition to 12 department stores, has supplied large scale consumers now since 1935. Today LUPUS-famila is a successful medium sized family owned and operated company, steadily developing, and at all times keeping products, as well as, logistics at up to date levels. Famila Rhein-Neckar offers in Baden-Württemberg and in Rheinland-Pfalz a regionally characterized and comprehensive range of goods of the highest quality and freshness at attractive prices.

Greek third-party logistics provider Diakinisis is employing EPC Gen 2 RFID tags and interrogators to track about 1,300 pallets daily at a distribution center it operates in Athens.

Four Soft (4S) signs contract with Samudera Shipping Line Ltd., a Singapore based company, recently. Under the terms of the agreement, 4S will implement its shipping software solution – 4S iShipping to cater to the Samudera’s shipping business.

PathGuide Technologies Debuts Latitude 8.0 Manifesting Module UPS ReadyTM Solution Automates Shipping Process for Small and Midsized Distributors. PathGuide® Latitude 8.0 Manifesting Module. The new Manifesting Software Module has been certified as a UPS ReadyTM solution by the United Parcel Service® and features the full portfolio of services offered. With the module, small and midsized distributors can automate and streamline the shipping process for faster, more accurate shipping and lower shipping costs.

Prophesy Transportation Solutions introduced FreightBill Express to their family of products. FreightBill Express gives today’s growing trucking company a simple way to create professional quotes, freight bills, invoices, and bills of lading with a few simple mouse clicks within an integrated solution. FreightBill Express is an ideal choice for companies that do not yet require a full dispatch solution but are outgrowing simple spreadsheets and manual bookkeeping methods. In addition to producing trucking-related documents, users are able to seamlessly compute commercial miles and routes, prepare IFTA fuel taxes, and automatically post accounts receivable transactions to QuickBooks accounting all from one simple entry.

RedPrairie Announces New Execution Management Features for Retailers Empowers stores to maximize employee performance, driving revenue growth and increasing productivity throughout the store chain New features of RedPrairie’s software provide task planners, gatekeepers and store managers a comprehensive view of store operations and workloads to enable customization and optimization of projects and tasks. Enhanced functionality also empowers the store with additional localized detail and customization, providing a vehicle to implement individual store best practices that drive revenue growth and increase employee productivity throughout the store chain.

RedPrairie announced the availability of RedPrairie Routing Portal™, a web-based solution for coordinating inbound shipments and reverse logistics. The software enables personnel throughout the enterprise to manage transport delivery requests and coordinate dock scheduling with carriers. Features include robust validation, location profiles, alerts, and automated communications to and from inbound suppliers. Customer or stock returns are easily managed as well. RedPrairie Routing Portal supports both inbound shipment routing requests for consignee-controlled freight, and advance ship notices on vendor-prepaid inbounds.

RedPrairie Routing Portal allows vendors, carriers, and customers to collaborate via the Internet, providing increased visibility and greater control of freight moves. The solution can be deployed as a standalone application or integrated with RedPrairie’s warehouse management and transportation management solutions, as well as other third-party software. Key capabilities include:
• Enables accurate and timely management of third party originated shipments
• Captures and validates inbound supplier and return shipment needs
• Allows users to manage multiple shipment releases against a single PO
• Provides robust data handling (weight, cube, pieces, pallets, freight class, third party locations)
• Supports intra-facility transfer of goods not for resale and returned merchandise
• Enables carriers to schedule appointments via the web and provides enterprise-wide dock scheduling visibility

Sterling Commerce adds new slotting engine with Sterling Warehouse Management System (Sterling WMS). Designed to automate and optimize inventory slotting activities, the engine identifies the most efficient placement for items in the warehouse, enabling companies to more intelligently manage both personnel and physical resources in the warehouse. Travel time can often account for up to 60 percent of a picker’s daily activity. A good slotting strategy can reduce travel time and improve the efficiency of picking-related labor. Specifically, the slotting engine will help companies establish goals and constraints that determine the optimal slotting strategy, and then perform “what-if” re-slotting scenarios based on those goals and constraints. This will enable them to:

* Optimize the sequence in which slotting tasks are executed to help ensure their successful completion;
* Plan the labor required to execute the slotting tasks with the flexibility to execute only a subset of the slotting tasks in a situation where sufficient labor is not available to complete all the tasks; and
*Determine return on investment and payback for alternative scenarios before moves are executed.

The slotting engine comes through a partnership with Optricity, a leader in slotting solutions that offers mathematically advanced optimization engines to enhance return on supply chain investment. Capitalizing on leading Web technologies, deep domain expertise, improved computing algorithms and analysis techniques, Optricity’s tools integrate with current supply chain planning and execution systems. The addition of Optricity’s patent pending slotting methodologies will take Sterling WMS to the next level of slotting capabilities.

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