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December 6th 2007 - Volume 8 Number 13
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HighJump Warehouse Advantage-45 WMS

Making the installation in 45 days? That’s the key item to catch one’s attention to HighJump Software’s newest WMS product. This new product is for the Tier 3 (small company) sector. HighJump Software is planning on interfacing this product to multiple small company ERP solutions on the Microsoft .NET platform, starting with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution first.

HighJump Software is known for its robust HighJump Warehouse Advantage WMS, which is highly configurable. The new HighJump Warehouse Advantage-45 WMS is built on the same run-time, device, and development platform, a positive. Sample screen is shown below:

HighJump Software item view.  CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

Initially Advantage-45 is deployed with the WMS basics (receive, putaway, pick/pack/ship, cycle count, replenishment) and does not have waves, kitting, nor task interleaving. One may license add-on modules like Advanced Fulfillment to get the wave functionality (recommended). More add-on modules are planned.

How Does One Pull Off the 45 Day Implementation?

A short implementation is tough. Company personnel can be stressed during this time IF these very fast implementations have any problems. IDII discussed this issue in great detail with HighJump’s Strategy Manager, Chris Goldsmith. Here are five items on how HighJump Software is planning on being successful:

1. WebWise – HighJump Warehouse Advantage-45 includes WebWise, a web-based reporting tool which also allows users to change nomenclature in the product literature to match their terminology.
2. Wizards – Extensive wizards for quicker setup of DC, doors, locations, equipment, zones for equipment, type of picking, and so forth. The most important part is the last step – a validation step – that insures proper and full setup has occurred. An example screen of a wizard is below:

HighJump Software WMS wizard helps on setup and setup integrity.   CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE

3. Playbook – A solid playbook on implementation step by step. One of their competitors who is known for fast installs, also has a well documented step by step playbook – it does help.
4. Online classes – All classes for HighJump Warehouse Advantage 45 are online. This cuts out the travel time involved in both the clients staff and HighJump personnel from traveling to teach classes.
5. Standard Interfaces to Selected ERP Solutions – As stated initially, the first ERP that HighJump Warehouse Advantage 45 plans to interface to is Microsoft Dynamics AX. In IDII’s humble opinion, within 12 to 18 months we would guess that Great Plains and QuickBooks might also be supported. This item is “critical” for making the installation go correctly.

There is definitely a need for low cost WMS solutions for small companies and we are happy to see key players such as HighJump and Manhattan push into the tier-3 space with .Net products. The real questions in this tier-3 space are (1) cost vs. functionality and (3) how fast can the install be done for a low price. One has to deliver sufficient functionality without being too basic AND do it for a reasonable cost!

For more information about HighJump WMS solutions – call 800.328-3271 or visit

Written by Philip Obal, President of IDII. Research & Management Consulting Firm


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Technology & Software Product News

Catalyst announced launch of XPS, an Integrated Cross-Carrier Packing and Shipping System. Catalyst’s XPS simplifies all aspects of packing and shipping. It seamlessly integrates with SAP® as well as leading third party parcel carriers’ systems to deliver complete visibility and control over all aspects of order fulfillment from the warehouse to the customer.

XPS has been designed to increase the efficiency of the distribution process for SAP customers shipping large volumes of parcels shipments. The system has been completely developed by Catalyst and its development partner Supply Chain Technologies in the native SAP programming languages, utilizing the standard SAP objects and architecture; and provides an easy to manage, centralized view of the entire packing and shipping processes, across multiple distribution centers and multiple carriers. As goods arrive in packing areas, XPS provides a series of clear and intuitive graphical screens that allows distribution managers to fully customize the packing process. From these screens, operators can facilitate the handling of products into the right packages and containers using a comprehensive range of pre-configured options. The system also generates detailed bar code labels covering specific customer requests and key information required by shipping companies.

Brian Thorn of Catalyst concludes, “XPS includes full integration with most of the leading distribution companies’ parcel carrier systems, including FedEx, UPS, DHL and the US Postal Service, with integration to additional carriers being developed."

NetSuite, an on-demand software company controlled by Oracle (ORCL) chairman Larry Ellison, Wednesday provided some fresh detail on its long-awaited IPO. The company plans to sell 6.2 million shares at $13-$16 a share, The stock will trade on the NYSE under the symbol (N), a rare one-letter designation. See the full article at

TECSYS Acquires Streamline Information Systems - Launches A Major Push Into Industrial Distribution. Tecsys has completed the acquisition of Streamline Information Systems Limited (Streamline), a leading Canadian software supplier in the industrial distribution sector.

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