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June 4th 2007 - Volume 8 Number 06
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Saving Energy.... Saving Money

Excellent article called "Putting Energy Hogs in the Home on a Strict Low-Power Diet" from the NY Times on conserving power - on both computers and electronics ... A few excerpts:"I started checking how much electricity my electronics were consuming when I wasn’t using them. I used a Kill A Watt EZ energy meter (available online for about $25) and began measuring. My PC was continuously drawing 134 watts all night."

He mentions most electronics do NOT have a low-power mode.... but Windows does - which he says does NOT perfectly execute sleep mode every time! "I then installed Co2 Saver (, a free program for Windows XP and Vista that seems to have solved the problem. It gives you a simple control panel to specify when to turn off monitors and disk drives and put the machine to sleep. It also adjusts some hard-to-configure settings. One option forces the machine to “Initiate sleep mode if system doesn’t sleep automatically.”

LCD screens take less power (and desk space!) - Save as much as 66 percent over CRT screens.

Results - desktop PC is now using 73 percent less energy — saving $119 a year....How many PC's and servers and electronics do you have?


FROM PHIL OBAL - ANOTHER IDEA - Is to setup the DC's lighting and alarm system together. When the alarm system is armed, the lights go off in the warehouse (if they are not alreay off). Save the electricity!

When the alarm system is de-armed, the lights go on in the warehouse. If a burgler breaks into the warehouse and turns on the lights, while the alarm is on, the police are notified right away. Catch the crook!


James B. Ayers's "Handbook of Supply Chain Management, Second Edition (Resource Management)" Learn more at


2008 WMS Research Report study is beginning - ERP & WMS Software Vendors - We are now sending our research forms to software vendors. Download the application form at now! Deadline is approaching fast!

New TMS RFP Question Set with Score Carding is out! Based on actual consulting done with many clients needing TMS software. See for details and to order!

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What Do Customers Want - from enVista - See http://www.envistacorp,com
Five Steps to a Successful ELS - from enVista - See http://www.envistacorp,com

Technology & Software Product News

Accellos WMS and MAS 500 have a standard interface. "This new integration exclusively leverages Sage Software's application programming interface (API) to seamlessly process data between the MAS 500 application and Accellos WMS, providing users with a feature-rich warehouse management solution," says Lynn Berman, President of SWK Technologies. "Accellos WMS for Sage MAS 500 is developed with the latest in .NET technology using SOAP and XML protocols to transfer data between applications."

Accellos Partners with Grey Wolf Systems to Deliver SHIMS Warehouse Management Solution. the companies are launching an integration connecting Infor Supply House Information Systems (SHIMS) distribution management software and Accellos WMS. Accellos WMS combines radio frequency and barcode technology with an Internet-based architecture for an adaptable, predictable and expandable, real-time warehouse management system. This integration will help SHIMS users boost productivity, reduce costs and shorten order fulfillment times.

This new integration leverages Blue River Software’s application programming interface (API) to seamlessly integrate the SHIMS application with Accellos WMS. Accellos WMS for SHIMS will automate, streamline and verify each process within the warehouse. From the receiving dock to the shipping dock, Accellos WMS tracks every movement of stock into, out of, and within the warehouse.

ATMS launch new bond management module. ATMS plc has updated its StockTrack PLUS software with the launch of its latest module – Bond Manager – with integrated CFSP (Customs Freight Simplified Procedures) functionality. The module enhances ATMS’ leading Warehouse Management System offering a highly professional approach to Customs and Excise procedures, with full comprehensive reporting as standard. Designed to integrate fully with other StockTrack PLUS modules, Bond Manager applies rigid procedures to the recording of receipt and despatch details, with the facility to hold inbound and outbound goods pending fiscal completion. The module requires little hands on maintenance and notifies users of Chief rejections, and allows management of multiple deferments.

ATMS plc managing director, Stephen Cross, said; “A disciplined approach to bond management and stock control is crucial, ensuring fiscal processing is completed before dutiable goods can be shipped from a warehouse. ” CFSP has become a requirement for the reporting of goods removed from a Customs warehouse where duty is to be accounted for. Bond Manager supports these processes and provides clear views of receipts and stock movement to comply with current Custom and Excise legislative controls.” Furthermore, Bond Manager offers stringent access controls, web-based exchange rate updating, and features detailed audit tools for HM Customs and Excise.

Barco and SystemGroup Bulgaria signed a partner agreement about SmartStock.WMS system representation on Bulgarian market. In short-time period Barco company signed another partner agreement about SmartStock.WMS system representation outside of the Czech Republic. A new partner of Barco Company on Bulgarian market has become a company SystemGroup Bulgaria, provider of complex IT solutions and equipment for business processes automation in the area of industry & manufacturing, retail, transport, logistics and warehouse management and supplier of systems based on barcodes & RFID technology, label printers, mobile computers, scanners & readers, wireless networks, POS systems, scale and packaging systems. Thus the SmartStock.WMS partner network has spread also to Bulgarian market.

Barco is solution provider in the field of barcode applications, RFID and wireless technologies in business processes. We specialize on solutions for online warehouse management along with utilization of mobile terminals and wireless infrastructure. Our leading product is online Warehouse Management System SmartStock.WMS. The corporation was established in 1993. Its stock capital is 2 000 000 CZK. Barco is a holder of certificate ISO 9001:2001. See

ClearOrbit (, announced the release of version 4.1 of the company's web-based, end-to-end Enterprise Returns Management(TM) (ERM(TM)) solution. ClearOrbit ERM 4.1, which automates returns processes for medical device, high-tech and industrial manufacturers, features improved functionality, unprecedented configurability and a new Returns Dashboard(TM) for real-time visibility. With these capabilities, ERM 4.1 manages the entire returns lifecycle, from return merchandise authorization (RMA) creation to final product disposition, enabling the recovery of inventory and dollars lost to inefficient returns management operations. Improved and added features in ClearOrbit ERM 4.1 include:

- Route Module - ensures items are routed directly to the proper destination, such as a local repair depot, original manufacturer, or parts warehouse, reducing transportation and inventory costs;
- Smart Receiving(TM) - automates scanning of returned items, ensuring linkage to the original RMA; supports dynamic barcode/radio-frequency identification (RFID) label generation and integration to existing trading partner systems;
- DynaFields(TM) - captures information based on fully configurable rules that direct the disposition of return units; and
- Returns Dashboard(TM) -provides all users with real-time visibility into the entire returns management process; features ad hoc reporting and key performance indicator tracking.
ClearOrbit ERM 4.1 - see,

ESYNC | TranSystems announce partnership. The relationship between Sterling Commerce and ESYNC will help companies transform their fulfillment systems into strategic differentiators by using Sterling Commerce supply chain execution solutions – Sterling Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) and Sterling Transportation Management (TMS) – and ESYNC strategic consulting and implementation services.
Sterling WMS enables innovative inventory strategies by allowing companies to manage inventory globally across all fulfillment locations. To meet varying requirements, it provides the industry’s highest level of configurability and supports multiple operating requirements across industries, customers, products and warehouse types.
Sterling TMS is the leading on-demand network for transportation management, providing a 7000+ member logistics network that increases capacity and simplifies and automates carrier communications. It enables shippers and carriers to view, plan, execute, settle and analyze their inbound and outbound transportation.

Low Cost RF Based WMS for Smaller Companies - Snapfulfil ( is a new type of hosted service which changes all that, by charging a simple, monthly fee from just £190 per user for an all in one package (

This service even includes installation of the advanced system itself, an on-site RF network and hand held RF terminals with integral bar code scanning. The package also includes system connectivity to the hosted environment (

Manhattan Associates announced that MOL Logistics (Czech) s.r.o., the subsidiary of the global giant MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd., has deployed the Warehouse Management component of Manhattan Associates' Integrated Logistics Solutions(TM), built on Microsoft .NET at two warehouses in the Czech Republic. MOL Logistics is the logistics arm of Mitsui OSK Lines Group provide international logistics services under the unified brand of MOL Logistics. See

RedPrairie Corporation announced that its new Pallet and Load Optimization technology, part of its integrated E2e(TM) Solutions for Consumer Goods, reduces freight costs and product damage while improving shipment safety and compliance with customer and legislative trailer loading requirements. This unique two-stage optimization first efficiently directs the pallet build process, and then optimizes their placement during the loading of trailers.

Comments Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president product strategy, "Our customers came to us with these issues because they impact how they pick inventory and load trailers on a daily basis in their DCs. By integrating pallet build technology with our warehouse management workflows and trailer loading functionality with our transportation load optimization, we can address these challenges more effectively. This geometric analysis and load construction can increase trailer volume utilization by three to six percent."

By integrating pallet and load optimization with the WMS, the most efficient inventory allocation and pick sequencing is performed to feed the pallet build process, minimizing travel time and labor cost. Integration to the TMS allows the load plan to comply with route sequencing and stop rules as well as rules for loading into freezer, cooler and dry goods trailer zones and segregation of incompatible shipments.

RedPrairie's Pallet and Load optimization solution can handle non-standard shapes such as cylinders, barrels, totes and special packaging.
It considers stackability, crushability, nesting and other positioning factors to build pallets and loads that are safe and minimize the potential for damage. And the trailer load plan computes weight over the axles and side-to-side balance specific to each trailer type to ensure compliance with transportation regulations. The result is shipments that are efficient, safe and compliant, and support initiatives for retailer compliance, green supply chains and cost reduction.

RedPrairie Announces Advanced Inventory Methods for Chemical and Other Process Manufacturing Companies. RedPrairie has rolled out new efficiencies for measuring fluids, powders and other variable weighted materials with its warehouse management solution. The new efficiencies in the areas of receiving, picking, cycle counting, allocating and inventory movements, allow companies – specifically those in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries – greater ease in moving and tracking their raw material inventory from plant storage through the manufacturing process, and ultimately as it is used to create the finished product.

SYSPRO (ERP) announced SYSPRO ERP Office Integration (SOI) to dynamically push & pull data between Excel, W8ord, & Outlook.
The accessed information can also be inserted into a current document either as simple text or as a table. Integration with Outlook allows automatic posting of emails as activities against contacts. Alternatively, the user can manually select emails to be integrated. Synchronization with the Outlook calendar is seamless and transparent to the user. SOI allows users to define the SYSPRO information that is displayed within the Office application. In addition to contact details, information access also extends to invoices and inventory. Commensurately, the administrator can prevent users from accessing sensitive information by applying 'roles' to operators.

Warehouse Optimization, LLC announced a name change to Transportation & Warehouse Optimization to better reflect purpose of the company. Editor's note: this company has the following products for optimization: AutoPalletP3 - increases picking productivity and reduces damage see movie AutoLoaderT3 - loads trucks “optimally”. AutoVLB - Auto Vehicle Load Builder takes VMI, DRP and customer orders and optimally builds them into truckloads. AutoScheduler - schedules all aspects of a warehouse operation to maximize customer service while minimizing total movement of product.

Scripture to Ponder - List of Scriptures to Ponder from prior issues.

"The refining pot is for silver and the furnace for gold, But the Lord tests the hearts." - Proverbs 17:3

Famous Quotes to Ponder - List of Quotes to Ponder from prior issues.

"Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it--immediately." - Stephen Covey

Websites To Check Out

RFID In Use - Atlanta Mercedes Dealership to Adopt RFID at New Location. The real-time location system is designed to reduce labor, help sales and service departments quickly locate specific vehicles and track how many times a particular vehicle has been test-driven. RFID Journal See - Why not do this in furniture stores? appliance stores? WHERE IS IT? HOW MUCH TIME DO WE SPEND FINDING IT???

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