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March 31st 2004 - Volume 5 Number 04
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RFID is Hot - Two Informative White Papers!

We have received two excellent white papers on RFID.


Steve Lewis of Laran RFID ( has submitted a very technical and excellent white paper of Radio Frequency Identification, with a large educational push. The title says it's a BASIC INTRODUCTION - but it's more of an intermediate level white paper - with great information!

About Steve Lewis
Steve Lewis is the founder of LARAN a company set up to provide professional consulting and marketing services for RFID technology. Qualified with a microelectronics degree from the university of Wales, he has a combined experience of over 20 years in the semi-conductor and RFID industries, having held positions in IC silicon design, product marketing, and business development. He is a veteran of two silicon startups, ES2 and INSIDE Technologies, and has spent the last 8 years working in a wide range of RFID applications and markets including; Vehicle Keyless Entry systems, Access Control, ID and transport. You can reach Steve at


Tom Singer of Tompkins Associates ( has written an excellent white paper on RFID as well. IDII likes the depth and breadth of information! This white paper covers:

- Components: From tags, to readers, to standards--understanding the nuts and bolts of RFID.
- Benefits: Where the greatest potential for savings really lies.
- Challenges: The challenges and potential barriers you need to know about.
- Software Applications: Compliance and compatibility with existing systems.
- Next steps: Steps you can take today to evaluate RFID applications.

For help or more information - please contact Tonya Loggains of Tompkins Associates at 919-855-5516 or

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Technology & Software Product News

  • Agilisys Inc., (ERP wholesale/manufacturing) is pleased to announce that it has acquired daly.commerce (ERP wholesale). The acquisition will enable Agilisys to address the needs of manufacturing and wholesale distribution customers with complex distribution strategies and provide daly.commerce with the infrastructure, distribution capabilities, and capital to grow globally.

  • Arzoon Inc.(SCPM) and AquiTec (WMS/SCM) have formed a global alliance to deliver advance supply chain management solutions. The combined offering will enable retailers and wholesalers to share and integrate information from legacy systems across their global “value chain” network into a single, hosted solution framework. The alliance will initially focus on integrating Arzoon’s Transportation and Logistics Management solution with AquiTec’s Warehouse, Yard, Order and Procurement Management Systems. The combined solution will enable organisations to drive both cost savings and customer service improvements throughout their respective supply chains.

  • BayStar Confirms Microsoft Connection to SCO Investment. Is Microsoft SCARED of Linux? You bet! Interesting news of Microsoft funding SCO, so SCO can sue & go against Linux installations. Sounds like two bad apples (SCO, Microsoft). Interesting article! See article at,1759,1547674,00.asp

  • Cadre Technologies, Inc. announces Cadence Mobile Logistics to integrate speech, bar-code scanning, browser interface and text on Microsoft Mobile 2003 Platform. Cadence Mobile Logistics (CML) will incorporate speech-directed operations with bar code scanning and browser information on off-the-shelf wireless Pocket PC clients via a standard 802.11b network.

    Cadence Mobile Logistics (CML) will enable mobile warehouse workers to execute all warehouse operations within the Cadence Warehouse Management System including receiving, putaway, picking, replenishment, kitting and cycle counting on a single mobile computer, utilizing multiple modes of communication. Cadre will begin deployment of the CML technology in the 3rd Quarter of 2004. The CML mobile technology will be the standard, fully integrated mobile technology for the Cadence Fulfillment system

  • CODEWORKS (WMS 3PL) announced that their product WDLS (Warehousing and Distribution Logistics System) has added another billing structure functionality that checks both on-hand inventory and shipped inventory more than 30 days old. This allows Codeworks customers to start reoccurring storage any day of the month, yet create only one invoice. Normally, anniversary billing takes many man-hours to accomplish. This new billing structure option takes zero hours.

    At the beginning of each of our customer’s billing cycles, WDLS can check on-hand inventory and invoice for all inventory greater than 30 days old. In addition, the program can look at what was shipped out during the previous billing cycle to see if any inventory was more than 30 days old. Refrigerated product clients and other customers who turn inventory over in less than 30 days can benefit from this new billing option. Likewise, warehouse sales teams can now offer their customers another functionality that allows the warehouse to match billing structure to their client’s specific needs.

  • Irista, Inc. (WMS) today announces alliance with Versatile Mobile Systems (mobile computing solutions) to provide logistics management support using wireless cellular mobile computing technology. Versatile uses store and forward transaction technology to enable Irista's logistics applications to transcend the physical boundaries of a traditional four-walled operation.

  • Standards - EPCglobal has announced that it expects to have the next generation protocol, now called the "UHF Generation 2 Foundation Protocol" approved by fall of this year. The protocol will provide a common protocol for a number of different classes of tags and will provide better performance. EPCglobal announced that, once this next generation protocol is finalized, it will begin work on developing a suitable international standard by working with the appropriate ISO committees.

  • Irista, Inc. (WMS, TMS, 3PL) announces the release of iristaWarehouse 8.5 - the latest version of this warehouse management system. In response to direct input from users, the latest version increases user configurability while providing enhancements across multiple functional lines including product attributes, inbound material processing, ASN receiving, allocation rules, order process tasking, shipment execution, inventory management, and web-based accessibility.

    "The enhancements we developed for iristaWarehouse 8.5 are based on input from our users in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and 3PL industries," said Dave Adams, Irista Vice President of Development. Major enhancements to the iristaWarehouse 8.5 release include:

    · Multiple units of measure - increased flexibility for handling the same SKU from multiple vendors or co-packers with varying packaging configurations or managing product changeovers with new packaging;

    · Dynamic inventory attributes - user-configurable definition, editing, and validation rules to monitor inventory requiring simple to extremely complex tracking like color, style, size, lot code, etc.;

    · Rules-based ASN processing - increased user configurability for RF users to preview, update, and execute ASN receipts;

    · Enhanced receiving process - expanded capability to maximize warehouse resources for receipt processing as directed by the volume of orders, the makeup and configuration of SKU's, and value added process requirements;

    · User enabled picking strategies - users can configure the appropriate picking strategy based on order, SKU, shipment, and allocation parameters; new strategies include "perfect pallet picking" for environments where mixed SKU containers present extremely complex rainbow pallet patterns;

    · CPG shipping capabilities - rainbow pallet container labeling and flexible bill of lading structure to support CPG shipments;

    · Increased inventory management efficiency - improved efficiency for creating and performing cycle counts, inventory adjustments, lot management, and product mixing that utilize SKU class-based rule selection;

    · Web user interface - major enhancements that dramatically expand visibility to the warehouse's inventory, orders, workload, and yard functions through a web-based browser while still providing security for 3PL operations with multi-owner inventories.

  • Kewill acquired TradePoint Systems LLC, a privately held company specializing in global trade execution and management solutions, supplying import, export, logistics, US regulatory compliance, and international compliance systems. This acquisition supports Kewill’s dominance as a major player in the global supply chain execution marketplace.

  • RedPrairie releases new solution DLx® SourceRight, is a rules-based order sourcing application that integrates multiple host order management and warehouse management systems across extended supply networks to determine the best location to fulfill each order or sub-order. The result is increased efficiency, more flexible and cost-effective inventory allocation, and improved customer service. DLx SourceRight provides user-configurable inventory allocation rules for customer requirements, distribution and supplier locations, product and facility characteristics, geographic proximity and other supply network considerations.

    DLx SourceRight provides real-time visibility to current inventory across customers' extended supply chains, it also factors in expected receipts and production on a date-sensitive basis to allocate future inventory based on customer ship dates. And because it integrates to WMS and transportation systems, allocation algorithms can be extended to take into account factors such as product aging and expiration dates, value added service requirements, workload balancing, dock door capacities and transportation costs. DLx SourceRight is a web based application.

  • RedPrairie Corporation announced that Sears Logistics Services has retained RedPrairie to develop productivity standards and implement productivity management and performance measurement solutions at 17 Sears Logistics Services Inc. distribution centers by the end of 2004.

  • Savi Technology (RFID) announced the availability of major enhancements to the centerpiece of its network platform -- Savi SmartChain. Savi SmartChain now performs the highly complex functions of aggregating, filtering and translating more volumes of data much more quickly from all types of automatic identification and data collection devices (AIDC), including bar codes, EPC-compliant tags, active RFID, cellular and satellite systems. The real workhorse of the SmartChain platform is the Savi Site Manager, which captures data from all types of AIDC devices and incorporates local business rules at key supply chain nodes, such as seaports, airports, railheads, distribution and warehouse facilities or border crossings. The SmartChain Site Manager features modular software adapters for "plug and play" integration with AIDC technologies, centralized management of rules and requirements, and the ability to filter and condition real-time data feeds so they don't overload upstream or legacy systems.

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