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February 11th 2004 - Volume 5 Number 02
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WMS Software Demonstration Sayings… .

Let's brighten your day with some of the humor and intellect that we have encountered during days & days of demonstrations! All of these quotes are from software vendors, except two of them, which are from our clients. It’s quite interesting to observe (1) intelligence, (2) adrenal flow leading to overconfidence, and (3) some silly sayings! - So sit back & read these – chuckle - and enjoy!

“Nothing Never Nowhere”

Do you have FISH inventory? FISH = First In, Still Here

“Alotta of Stuff in there” ….
What they meant … “Products within this container”

“Software has a lot of configurability. We are a consulting company…”
Funny, I thought they were a software company!
Think now --> Projects versus Product mindset.

“You can implement our solution and it will not impact customer service. (during go live & after time period!)”
Ha, Ha, HA!!! What about the learning curve time period?

“This middleware package will eliminate any changes to the host interface.”
- - A couple minutes later, the same person says,
We hope that we can minimize host interface changes as much as possible.”

“The machine spit out a clump of stuff.”
The calibration machine printed a paper report.

“You can set it based upon whatever.
Funny, this answer was found to be acceptable by the team!  Yikes!

“We spoke a little bit, how line items are in the order.”
Really? Never knew that! This is unique & special!!

- What’s Wrong With This? -
Right after initial introductions for the demonstration, the Sales Director from the software company cracks this joke:

“When can you tell a salesperson is lying? When his mouth is open.”

In Canada, what does UPS stand for? Use Purolator Service!

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  • First in a series, “Essentials Of Warehouse Success: The Loader’s Guide To Truckloading” is a proactive program designed for front line managers to implement with their lift truck drivers. Written by the Warehouse Optimization Team, this FREE Guide represents the on-site experience of over 86,000 hours of warehouse optimization and logistics experience with Fortune 100 companies. To receive your FREE Copy of “Essentials Of Warehouse Success: The Loader’s Guide To Truckloading”, call 615-791-8000 or download the guide at


  • LogicTools, Inc (SCP) announced a software partnership with SAP as well as plans for its LogicNet Plus® network design solution to be offered as an extension to the mySAPTM Supply Chain Management (mySAP SCM) solution. LogicNet Plus has also been integration certified by SAP for use with SAP® Advanced Planner and Optimizer (SAP APO) Release 3.1, a component of mySAP SCM, and can now be offered as an extension to the mySAP SCM product line. The LogicNet Plus certified interface is available to all existing network design users of SAP APO as well as to new or prospective users.

  • Eclipse System launches Warehouse Management System in India. Eclipse has decided to officially launch its WMS known as DCMS- Distribution Centre Management System (DCMS) in the Indian market. Founded in 1990, Eclipse’s major clientele includes world’s leading apparel-manufacturing companies Maidenform Inc. (USA) and Guess Canada Retail Inc.

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