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October 30th 2003 - Volume 4, Number 17
For PROFESSIONALS in Software for Warehousing, Logistics, and Supply Chain.
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"Auditing Warehouse Performance" - New!

Practical and Useful

One of Ken Ackerman's strengths is performing warehouse audits. In this newly released book, Ken gives details on how to audit & measure a warehouse in multiple approaches & viewpoints. This is an excellent book and should be required reading -and- required implementation by warehouse & operations management.

"Auditing Warehouse Performance" shows metrics to capture & measure from. It contains forms to measure inventory, people, equipment, storage, and performance. Ken has been auditing warehouses for many, many years - and we receive the benefit thereof! Warehouse excellence comes from people, equipment, space utilization, proper warehousing of goods, and more! Ken addresses this issues with detail.

We agree with the cover details that say - ''Warehousing is deceptively simple. Many believe that the function is so basic that any decent manager can run an effective warehouse. Then when the operation does not run smoothly, it is not easy to understand why. This book provides multiple approaches to the auditing process. We explore the "why" as well as the "how to." With the charts and examples presented, you will be well equipped to audit the performance of your warehouses. Auditing Warehouse Performance succinctly covers such critical topics as productivity, efficiency, efficient layout, and understanding costs.'

Excellent Book! Reviewer: Philip Obal, President of IDII

"Auditing Warehouse Performance" is NEW and available from Warehousing Forum at - Published this month October 2003. 226 Pages.

Ken Ackerman

About the Author

Kenneth Ackerman has spent his entire business career in warehousing. Before becoming an international management advisor, he headed a multi-location warehousing company. He has written extensively on the subject and he conducts warehousing seminars all over the country and overseas. Active in professional trade groups, he is a past president and winner of The Distinguished Service Award of Council of Logistics Management and founder of Warehousing Education and Research Council.

"Auditing Warehouse Performance" is available from Warehousing Forum

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New Book! "Glossary of Supply Chain Terminology - For Logistics, Manufacturing, - Warehousing, and Technology" This glossary takes the mystery out of the keywords used in multiple verticals - especially the acronyms& abbreviations utilized in software, warehousing, standards, transportation, logistics, organizations, and government. 281 pages. Spiral Bound. More information and quotes. Bulk discounts available from IDII. Single copies from

Technology & Software Product News

  • American Software, Inc. (ERP, Nasdaq: AMSWA) announces that its Enterprise Resource Planning systems are in conformance with the data structures required to support the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) initiative.

    The GTIN(TM) format will be a unique 14-character identifier of both products and services used worldwide. GTIN(TM) will encompass the existing EAN/UCC-14, EAN/UCC-13, UCC-12 (UPC), and EAN/UCC-8 data structures. The GTIN(TM) format is part of the 2005 Sunrise initiative announced by the Uniform Code Council to facilitate global commerce. When a company becomes 2005 Sunrise compliant, it should also be able to accommodate RSS (Reduced Space Symbology), and data synchronization using the GLOBALregistry(TM) of UCCNet, which requires that products at all packaging levels be identified. A GTIN-compliant company will be able to process data among all trading partners. The UCC has recommended that companies and their trading partners take the necessary steps to be GTIN(TM) compliant by January 1, 2005 so that they can effectively scan and process information on products that have been manufactured anywhere in the world.

  • Catalyst (WMS) Introduces New Inventory Optimization and Demand Management Software. CatalystCommand(TM) Inventory Optimization and CatalystCommand Demand Management automate the forecast-to-replenishment process. CatalystCommand Inventory Optimization and CatalystCommand Demand Management leverage data from existing ERP, transaction and POS systems to provide advanced functionality in the form of demand forecasting, automated supply analysis, inventory modeling, replenishment and distribution. The system analyzes historical data on supply and demand, taking into account seasonality, promotions, and lost sales, and then makes recommendations on how much inventory is needed and where it is required.

  • The Descartes Systems Group Inc. (TMS, Nasdaq:DSGX, TSX:DSG) Unveils Real-Time TMS Integrated With Instant Messaging From Microsoft. Descartes announced that the Company's transportation management solution, Roadshow Transport(TM), is now providing instant messaging capabilities using the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2003. Designed to bring real-time synchronization to load tendering, Roadshow Transport, integrated with Microsoft's instant messaging, enables companies to communicate with carriers in real-time helping to save time and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Intek (WMS) Replaces Norco’s Legacy Carousel Software. Norco, a national welding, safety, and homecare medical supplies dealer, began searching for a replacement for their existing White System’s MMS ICO carousel software that is approaching the end of its lifecycle. FKI Logistex, the parent company of carousel manufacturer, White Systems, suggested Intek’s carousel control solution as a replacement for their legacy system. Based on Intek’s long-term relationship with FKI Logistex and numerous customer references, Norco selected Intek’s carousel solution.

    Intek’s solution offered Norco complete control over carousel inventory. Support of multiple, random locations for carousel inventory as well as unique methodologies for optimization of order selection and storage routines will further enhance operations at Norco. Intek’s unique supply chain visibility provides extensive reporting functionality that will monitor efficiency increases in the warehouse.

  • Lilly Software (ERP, MRP, CRM, WMS) Expands its Product Suite with VISUAL Enterprise for Repetitive Manufacturers. VISUAL Enterprise for Repetitive Manufacturers is a pull-based system that allows production to respond to customer demand quickly and accurately through the use of electronic kanban cards and work cell displays. It promotes Lean with features for improving responsiveness to customers and suppliers, reducing and balancing inventory levels, minimizing inventory transactions, lowering costs, and ensuring product quality. The system includes tools for companies to synchronize and control the flow of materials throughout the plant floor, design products in engineering, plan production schedules, execute production, and handle multiple deliveries per day to customers or from suppliers.

  • LogicTools (Optimization, TMS) announced the release of the latest versions of its market- leading supply chain network design products. This major release of LogicTools’ LogicNet® and LogicNet Plus® allows companies to incorporate ever more sophisticated constraints when modeling their supply chains and continues to improve the ease of use and performance of the products. Major new features include reporting with Crystal reports, enhanced PC*Miler interface, new geo-code databases, improved time in transit constraints and faster solver.

    LogicNet is a network design decision support system that provides a cost-effective solution to companies who do not have complex supply chains and want an easy to use and powerful solution designed for their problem. LogicTools offers Inventory AnalystTM, a web based product that optimizes inventory across the supply chain taking into account the structure of the entire supply chain, and LogicChain®, a master planning solution that enables coordination of sourcing and production with distribution. Leveraging a combination of integrated products such as LogicNet Plus, Inventory Analyst and LogicChain enables companies to create a uniquely powerful supply chain strategy.

    LogicTools will soon be releasing the Suite Integration Toolbox to provide easy drag and drop integration inside the LogicTools suite as well as with other software packages. For example, we have recently released a certified integration of LogicNet Plus with SAP APO.

  • Manhattan Associates (WMS, TMS, LMS) announced that P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc., a leading transportation services provider, has implemented Manhattan Associates' Transportation Management Systems (TMS) technology. Utilizing Manhattan Associates’ TMS Carrier Management application, P.A.M. will be able to optimize its transportation services across the continental United States, control operational costs and enhance opportunities to improve revenue per total mile.

    P.A.M. uses the TMS “Driver & Load” feature to control “deadhead” or empty miles, when trucks are driving without cargo and therefore incurring costly non-revenue miles. With TMS, P.A.M. can get drivers to their next load faster by optimizing global resource-to-load assignments on a minute-to-minute basis. Additionally, P.A.M. can proactively identify opportunities for in-transit drivers to swap loads using the “Drop & Swap” feature, improving on-time delivery, resource utilization and driver satisfaction. This helps P.A.M. better manage emergencies and rescue time-sensitive “just-in-time” loads to avoid the customer disruptions that can be a result.

    With Manhattan Associates’ TMS Carrier Management application, P.A.M. has enhanced its ability to maintain transportation network balance, increase equipment and resource utilization, raise service levels and maximize profitability. Additionally, P.A.M. has enhanced its ability to improve driver satisfaction in its fleet by meeting drivers’ needs and preferences while reducing labor costs such as training and retention.

    Manhattan Associates’ TMS includes two additional applications, a Transportation Procurement application and a Planning and Execution application. The applications are modular but completely integrated with TMS. Additionally, TMS is tightly integrated with Manhattan Associates’ Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Trading Partner Management System (TPM) to provide a full range of supply chain execution solutions to customers.

  • Manhattan Associates (WMS, TMS, LMS) Acquires Streamsoft LLC (Warehouse Slotting Optimization). 'Warehouse optimization is at the forefront of many corporations'efforts to drive costs down by increasing productivity,'said Eric Peters, senior vice president, products and strategy at Manhattan Associates. 'Streamsoft's technology will further augment the existing slotting optimization functionality in our Warehouse Management Systems Suite, delivering additional warehouse efficiencies to our customers.'

  • Manugistics (TMS, Optimization) Announces RFID-Enabled Solutions. Manugistics RFID Enabled Solutions Manugistics RFID enabled solutions, available today, include:

    Collaborate, Monitor and Respond Framework - polls RFID infrastructure (such as RFID readers and middleware) and other enterprise applications to provide real-time visibility to inventory, orders, and shipments throughout the supply chain. The Framework also includes event detection capabilities which identify unanticipated activity and trigger resolution flows which can either fix problems automatically or bring users into the resolution process.

    Order and Delivery Management - polls and receives order and delivery information from RFID infrastructure and other enterprise applications so that the status of orders and order lines is always up-to-date. Together with the Collaborate, Monitor and Respond Framework, ODM identifies order and delivery failures and alerts designated users to ensure that appropriate actions are taken to manage customer service and unplanned expenses.

    Adaptive Planning Solutions - these RFID enabled solutions are the engines which provide resolution alternatives when unexpected events are encountered:

    • Fulfillment Optimization - reallocates inventory when required according to delivery failures or stock imbalances
    • Transportation Optimization - reschedules orders, shipments, and assets when exceptions occur, such as a temporary port shut-down.
    • Pricing and Promotion Optimization - tracks point-of-sale, on-shelf, and inbound inventory information to support real-time, store level pricing and promotion optimization. Provides vendors running VMI programs in stores to optimally price and promote their products according to inventory position and sell-through rates.

  • Pfastship Worldwide Logistics, Inc. Announces the "NextGen.Ship" Software Shipping Solutions. NextGen.Ship is a Java Client Server Application supporting up to 27 differnent languages using technology · IBM / DB2 Database.· Supports shipping from any origin in the world. 90% of all customizations do not need rewriting of code.

  • Proteus Software’s announces new Dynamic Warehouse Management system that brings new levels of technology and functionality.
    • The task scheduler allocates warehouse tasks to personnel with the relevant equipment to optimise travel time, and provides for dual cycling and the ability to interleave tasks for optimum efficiency..
    • A load planning subsystem allows both incoming and outgoing consignments to be maintained, including booking slots, and picking and putaway to be planned in advance. The system supports cross docking so items received for immediate despatch can be instantly processed to the relevant despatch location.
    • The emphasis is on predictive and exception reporting.The PROTEUS Action Manager will alert management to exceptions and instances where a management decision is required. Decision support systems are included so that future workload can be assessed based upon historical performance.
    • The PROTEUS integration Highway provides advance feature for interfacing to external systems, including ERP systems or other warehousing systems. In a multi warehouse environment, this enables PROTEUS to provide a consolidated view of the status across all warehouses.

  • Radcliffe Inc. (WMS) Acquires ServPlex Corporation (WMS, 3PL). Combining Radcliffe’s expertise in food, beverage, 3PL and consumer products with ServPlex’s knowledge of the third party logistics and distribution industries will prove beneficial to both current and potential clients of both companies. Radcliffe’s Synchronicity product – a web-based, 3PL ready supply chain systems modules will be expanded to include the processes already in place with ServPlex’s customers. Then a migration path will be provided for painless upgrades.
    Editor's note: Since when are major upgrades (especially to a different product) "painless"? A bit of zeal - We all need to have zeal - but not say it is "painless"!

  • RedPrairie (WMS, TMS, LMS) is expanding its global presence by signing a strategic agreement with India-based Sonata software. Sonata will market, implement and support RedPrairie's DigitaLogistix® Supply Chain Execution suite in India and other parts of Asia. The first implementation under this agreement is currently in process at Hindustan Lever, the Indian division of global foods and home and personal care provider Unilever. Under the agreement, Sonata will be a value-added reseller (VAR) for RedPrairie throughout Asia, with responsibility for sales, marketing, implementation and customer support for RedPrairie's full supply chain execution suite. Sonata is well positioned to assume these new activities since they already are an offshore developer for RedPrairie.

    Sonata has 6 regional offices in India and three offices in the US and the UK, and large customer base in 25 countries across North America, Europe and Asia. Sonata's Core Research Group, supported by alliances with Microsoft, IBM, CA and Oracle, enables seamless assimilation of new technologies for rapid benefit to clients. Sonata, a SEI CMM Level 5 company, has been an ISO 9000 Tick-IT certified company since 1994. Shares of Sonata (a zero-debt company) are publicly traded in the Indian Stock Exchanges, with the company's employees holding 13% (April 2003) ownership.

  • RedPrairie and Vocollect Announce Voice-Directed Supply Chain Execution Solution. Under the agreement, RedPrairie will integrate and resell Vocollect's "hands-free, eyes-free™" Talkman® solution with RedPrairie's DLx® Warehouse and DLx Labor supply chain execution solutions. The integration with Talkman, available in a forthcoming release will allow RedPrairie to offer customers a total productivity solution that is voice-enabled.

    Vocollect's voice system, in use today by over 50,000 distribution workers in hundreds of companies throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, is built on its high-performance industrial speech recognition technology, the rugged, built-for-purpose Talkman wearable voice terminal, and industry standard Microsoft Windows CE and 802.11b WLAN technologies. The solution enables warehouse workers to send and receive real-time information from the RedPrairie host applications through a naturally spoken dialog. The primary benefits of the integrated voice-directed solution are the accuracy and productivity gained as warehouse personnel are directed by DLx Warehouse, the immediate real-time productivity feedback to supervisors and floor personnel provided by DLx Labor, and the simplicity and reliability of the direct interface of the combined system.

  • WhereNet Corp.announced the WhereNet® Marine Terminal Management solution --- a single, standards-based wireless system that enables terminal operators to cost-effectively locate, track and manage containers and container handling equipment in high-volume seaports. This first-of-its-kind solution --- based on the WhereNet real-time locating system (RTLS) wireless infrastructure interfaced with sensor data provided by PACECO CORP.'s Position Tracking Interface Unit (PTIU) --- gives terminal operators accurate data about every stacked container in their yard, enabling them to optimize operations while increasing volume.

Quotes to Ponder - List of Quotes to Ponder from prior issues.

  • "Say all you have to say in the fewest possible words, or your reader will be sure to skip them; and in the plainest possible words or he will certainly misunderstand them."
    - John Ruskin
Scripture to Ponder - List of Scriptures to Ponder from prior issues.
  • "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you."
    - Matthew 7:12
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