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October 14th 2003 - Volume 4, Number 16
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Software Company Innovations Regarding RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

Many WMS, TMS, and ERP companies are moving forward to enable their customers to roll-out RFID tag functionality. The WMS leaders have been in motion (development) already and now ready to deliver! Here's what's happening -

Manhattan Associates announced a new Microsoft-Based RFID Solution. This solution utilizes Microsoft technology by leveraging Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft's SQL Server technology, and Microsoft's Windows CE for handheld device interfaces.

" RFID will be about more than tags and readers," said Eric Peters, senior vice president, products and strategy at Manhattan Associates. "RFID is the convergence of SCE applications and RFID technologies, a convergence that delivers true value in the supply chain. We can now offer the first solution that allows companies to print RFID-tagged labels on ePC Class 1 compliant printers, a major step in facilitating the widespread adoption of RFID technology."

The RFID solution also includes: Purchase order management functionality; Radio frequency (RF) functionality leveraging Windows CE for hand-held devices; Full packing capabilities, quality audits and event updates; Advance Ship Notice (ASN) compliance; Shipping management; and RFID Event Management and Visibility functionality.

Provia Software introduces "RFIDware", a new product solution for Wal-Mart suppliers and others needing to comply with the retail giant's January 2005 deadline for RFID compliance. RFIDware is Provia's stand-alone RFID kit, which will enable product suppliers and 3PLs with an existing WMS, ERP or host system to become RFID compliant. Available for general release later this year, Provia's RFIDware is an EPC standards compliant solution for companies that need to ship RFID compliant product to vendors requiring RFID tracking of inbound pallets and cases.

How Provia's RFIDware Works - Routed orders requiring RFID compliance are sent to the RFIDware station in the distribution center. The appropriate RFID tag and label (often the printed label contains the tag) are applied. Data about the shipment (order information, carton contents, etc.) is associated to the RFID tag and the information is then sent to the end retailer. Once tagged, the product is shipped to the retailer with full RFID compliance.

Logility (Nasdaq: LGTY) announced its plans to support full Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) compliance across its supply chain planning, warehouse and logistics products. Logility Voyager WarehousePRO(R) will initially support RFID technology within the warehouse at the carton, pallet and container level to streamline the shipment of goods to retail customers and accelerate the receipt of products into distribution centers. RFID support will be included in the standard WarehousePRO product, with general availability anticipated for 2004. Future Logility Voyager Solutions(TM) will use built-in RFID support to dramatically improve visibility of order status, track the movement and distribution of inventory and accelerate product replenishment across the supply chain to provide a competitive advantage in meeting consumer demand.

Logility is working with BISSELL to deploy a rollout plan for RFID technology. "Our goal is to work with Logility to enable BISSELL to not only meet the pallet-level RFID compliance objectives required by our customers, but also lay the foundation for greater visibility and real-time collaboration across our entire supply chain," said Terry Yax, director of IT at BISSELL. With the anticipated future cost of one penny for each RFID tag, BISSELL can consider attaching a tag to each item, such as a vacuum, replacement bag, or carpet cleaner. Item-level RFID tags will enable the company to see inventory across a range of environments at the most-granular levels, providing BISSELL's retail customers the opportunity to always have stock on the shelf. For example, a local retailer may only have floor space for four BISSELL LITTLE green(R) cleaners. When the floor stock reaches two units, the RFID tag can automatically send a replenishment signal to the stockroom. This alert signal sets off a chain of events, including proactively notifying the distribution center to replenish the specific store-level stockroom, which may in turn signal a proactive replenishment order to BISSELL, the supplier.

Within a distribution center,
companies can benefit by incorporating RFID technology into their yard management processes, enabling cross docking and order fulfillment decisions to begin as soon as a truck or railcar enters a yard. For example, upon arrival and prior to docking, a RFID reader could communicate with the RFID tags on the cartons, pallets and containers in the carrier and identify the shipment number, seal number, purchase order number, carrier ID and trailer number, plus item-level information including SKU number, lot number, manufacturing dates, expiration dates, serial numbers and quantities. The information could be communicated to other systems to quickly identify out-of-stock issues, expedite placement to a dock door, notify product managers that new items have arrived, make orders available for re-allocation in the case of back order fulfillment, plus many other inventory-related actions.

More RFID Developments by Software Vendors in Next Issue! - Phil Obal

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Technology & Software Product News

  • EAN International and Uniform Code Council Introduce New Joint Venture and Identity New Name, EPCglobal, The introduction of the joint venture’s new identity signals the launch of the not-for-profit organizations’ effort to drive global, multi-industry adoption of the EPC Network, based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, that will enable companies to have true visibility of their supply chains in real time, in any industry, anywhere in the world. The EPC Network is a system that is based on a unique identification number called the electronic product code, or EPC. The EPC uses RFID technology to capture information and link it to an open and accessible network, enabling real-time identification and sharing of information.

  • Logility (Nasdaq: LGTY) Announces General Availability of Voyager Solutions 7.0. Logility Voyager Solutions(TM) 7.0, supports real-time, global visibility of forecasts, orders, inventories, deliveries and key performance indicators across the supply chain. "The entire Logility 7.0 solution is based on a completely integrated database architecture that facilitates the transfer of data between Logility products and other applications," Edenfield added. "Also, new performance-driven capabilities such as business activity monitoring and proactive alerts span the entire solution suite from demand planning through warehouse and transportation execution, enabling customers to have complete global visibility across their supply networks and capitalize on real-time insight into worldwide operations."

  • Manhattan Associates (NASDAQ: MANH, WMS, TMS) Announces Expanded Functionality in Its Transportation Planning & Execution Application. Manhattan announced that it is providing customers with expanded functionality in its Transportation Planning &Execution application including increased shipment planning optimization and integration with its Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Suite.

  • PROPHET 21 INTRODUCES TRADING PARTNER CONNECT B2B SELLER 2.0. Empire Machinery Enjoys PDA Integration and the Ability to Download Account Information into Excel. B2B Seller 2.0 enables these customers to download account-specific information - including past invoices - into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Other features and enhancements include:

    * Instant Price and Availability
    * Enhanced Keyword Searching
    * Search by Customized Part Number
    * Improved Shopping List

  • Provia Software (WMS, TMS, 3PL) and Menlo Worldwide (3PL) Sign Worldwide Reseller Agreement. Large 3PL to Resell Provia's ViaWare Warehouse Management System on a Global Basis. With the agreement Menlo--a long-time Provia client-is now a ViaWare WMS reseller on a global basis. Menlo can now sell, implement and support the Provia solution as part of the company's global service offering. Menlo's global sales force will now be able to offer Provia's ViaWare WMS as part of the Menlo DirectTech portfolio of technology solutions. The result is global availability of the Provia solution, particularly in Europe and the Pacific Rim.

  • Viewlocity, Inc. (SC Visibility SCM, OTC:VLCY) Reaches Merger Agreement to be acquired by Viesta Corporation in a merger with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Viesta. Viesta is a newly formed corporation created for the purposes of this transaction. In connection with the transaction, Viesta, and Viewlocity, Inc. as its wholly-owned subsidiary following the merger, will receive significant new equity financing from an affiliate of Investcorp. Investcorp is a global investment group with a 20-year track record of investing in North America and Europe.

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